Mark Roberts Collection

View the entire collection of Mark Roberts collectibles: Elves, Fairies, Nutcrackers, Pixies and Santas all in one location.  We are sure you will enjoy these limited edition pieces designed by Mark Roberts.  These beautifully detailed items are perfect for your holiday decorating or to give that special friend or family member as a gift.  These collectibles are sure to become heirloom pieces.

MR51-36654  Christmas Berry Fairy - largeMR51-36654 Christmas Berry Fairy - largeA great Christmas collectible fairy. 
MR51-36846  Gingerbread Spice Fairy - largeMR51-36846 Gingerbread Spice Fairy - largeThis Fairy is a great addition to your holiday kitchen. 
MR51-36848  Ornament Fairy - largeMR51-36848 Ornament Fairy - largeThis Fairy is ready to help with your holiday decorating.
MR51-41404  Bell Ringer Elf  - largeMR51-41404 Bell Ringer Elf - largeThis whimsical Elf will ring Christmas bells with a wink! 
MR51-41458  Sweet  Nothings Elf -  largeMR51-41458 Sweet Nothings Elf - largeA fun Elf to add merriment to the holidays.
MR51-42006  Santa's List - largeMR51-42006 Santa's List - largeSanta is checking his list. 
MR51-42008  Santa on Goose - largeMR51-42008 Santa on Goose - largeSanta is riding the "Christmas Goose".
MR51-42052  Toy Maker Santa  - largeMR51-42052 Toy Maker Santa - largeSanta and his Elves are busy making Christmas toys. 
MR51-42588  Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeMR51-42588 Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeEveryone will want to sing with this Fairy.
MR51-42590  Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeMR51-42590 Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeThe final touch to your Christmas decorating. 
MR51-42592  Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeMR51-42592 Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeA great collectible Fairy. 
MR51-42596  Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeMR51-42596 Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeThis Fairy is sure to become a family heirloom. 
MR51-42602  Heralding Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42602 Heralding Fairy - extra-largeThis Heralding Fairy is sure to become a collectors piece. 
MR51-42604  Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42604 Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeYou can almost hear those Sleighbells. 
MR51-42606  Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42606 Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeA "Merry Christmas" to everyone. 
MR51-42630  Royal Crown Nutcracker Pink Hat - largeMR51-42630 Royal Crown Nutcracker Pink Hat - largeThis Nutcracker is definitely a collectors piece. 
MR51-42634  Royal Nutcracker White Hat - largeMR51-42634 Royal Nutcracker White Hat - largeA beautiful Christmas Nutcracker. 
MR51-42642  White Cat - largeMR51-42642 White Cat - largeThis exquisite Christmas Cat is a great collectors piece.
MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"This Father Christmas is the final touch to all your decorating. 
MR51-53016 Festivities Santa  24"MR51-53016 Festivities Santa 24"A fun Santa to collect. 
MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"A great Santa for the Gingerbread lover.
MR51-53022  Holly Jolly Santa 24"MR51-53022 Holly Jolly Santa 24"A fun collectible Santa for your holidays. 
MR51-53024  Hollywood Santa  24"MR51-53024 Hollywood Santa 24"Christmas in Hollywood!  
MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"A great Santa to collect. 
MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"This Northpole Santa is a great decorating piece. 
MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"An exquisite winter Polar Santa! 
MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"This Santa & Elf are sure to become a heirloom piece. 
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