NEW FOR 2016

The new 2016 Mark Roberts fairies, elves and Santas are beautifully detailed collectible pieces.  You will find at least one Christmas figure from Santa in his North Pole Airline Plane to the Elf flying high in the Hot Air Balloon that is perfect for your holiday decorating.  Each piece is heirloom quality and will be a great addition to your Mark Roberts collection.
MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa  26.6"MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa 26.6"NEW FOR 2016!  A beautiful "12 Days of Christmas Santa". 
MR51-68322 All That Glitters Santa 27"MR51-68322 All That Glitters Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!   A spectacular Santa to add to your collection.  
MR51-68324 BEJeweled Santa 26"MR51-68324 BEJeweled Santa 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Complete your holiday decorating with this exquisite Jeweled Santa. 
MR51-68326 Candlelight Santa 27"MR51-68326 Candlelight Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect Christmas gift for that special person. 
MR51-68328 Candy Shop Santa 27"MR51-68328 Candy Shop Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!   The perfect Santa for your kitchen.  
MR51-68330 Canterbury Santa 25"MR51-68330 Canterbury Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!  A great Santa for the music lover. 
MR51-68332 Celebrating Santa 27"MR51-68332 Celebrating Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!    Add style to your holiday decorating with this Santa. 
MR51-68334 Exquisite Santa 25"MR51-68334 Exquisite Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect holiday Santa gift.  
MR51-68336 Festive Santa 27"MR51-68336 Festive Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  A fun Santa to add to your Mark Roberts collection. 
MR51-68338 Mrs Clause Cooking 24"MR51-68338 Mrs Clause Cooking 24"NEW FOR 2016!   Mrs Clause makes yummy Christmas treats. 
MR51-68342 Sparkllng Passion Santa 27"MR51-68342 Sparkllng Passion Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  A great Christmas Santa Clause doll.  
MR51-68344 North Pole Parade Santa 23"MR51-68344 North Pole Parade Santa 23"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect holiday Santa gift. 
MR51-68346 Christmas Carnival Santa 29"MR51-68346 Christmas Carnival Santa 29"NEW FOR 2016!   A fun Christmas Santa for the Carnival. 
MR51-68348 Poinsettia Santa 25"MR51-68348 Poinsettia Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!   This is a beautiful Poinsettia Santa!  
MR51-68350 Santa Filling Stocking 26"MR51-68350 Santa Filling Stocking 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Everyone needs a Christmas stocking for Santa. 
MR51-68352 Honey Bell Santa 24"MR51-68352 Honey Bell Santa 24"NEW FOR 2016!  A great holiday Santa gift. 
MR51-68354 Santa on the Town 28"MR51-68354 Santa on the Town 28"NEW FOR 2016!  A collectible Christmas Santa Clause.  
MR51-68356 Santa I Want 25"MR51-68356 Santa I Want 25"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect Santa for your holiday decorating. 
MR51-68358 Santa's Mail Box 25"MR51-68358 Santa's Mail Box 25"NEW FOR 2016!  You better get your letter to Santa mailed soon!  
MR51-68360 Snowman Santa 26"MR51-68360 Snowman Santa 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Santa and his special Snowman friend.  
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