Celebrate the Magic of Christmas!

"People ask me all the time questions like "Where do you get all  your idea's for new Fairies, Santa's & Elf designs?  'Where do you find so many cool fabrics and trimmings?' and 'What are some idea's of how I can display and use my Fairies & Elves at home?'

Idea's seem to come from everywhere.  I'd like to think that my mind is always open to new idea's.  So much of the inspiration however, comes from tradition, whether that be my own families traditions or those traditions shared with me by friends and collectors alike.  Translating or turning those idea's into actual characters is the next step.

By having a history with many suppliers of fabrics and trimmings, both in the United States and abroad, a wealth of wonderful fabrics & trims are available for me to choose from and sometimes design.  Having such rich resources allows me a wide latitude of creativity in putting together so many amazing characters.  Of course, working along side me are many talented people who make the tasks easy and down right fun!  The design process is long, with many changes occurring along each step of the way.  It sometimes becomes exhausting, but the reward of finishing a design, most all of which turn out better than expected makes it all worth it!

Because my Fairies & Elves are so flexible, giving them fanciful poses allows all of us unlimited ways to use them in our homes.  Sitting on a ledge with their legs crossed, flying from a chandelier, or decorating a tree are so easy to do, because of their ease of flexibility and poseability.

My staff & I are continually amazed & greatly appreciative of your support over the years.  We know that is a high bar set for us, a challenge and expectation we graciously accept!"

Mark Roberts

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