Mark Roberts Santas

These exquisite Christmas Santas will delight the Santa collector.  Each limited edition Santa is unique whether it is whimsical or traditional in its design.  These Santas will be cherished for generations to come and are sure to become heirloom pieces.  Each collectible Santa Claus will bring smiles and special memories to the collector.
MR51-42006  Santa's List - largeMR51-42006 Santa's List - largeSanta is checking his list. 
MR51-42008  Santa on Goose - largeMR51-42008 Santa on Goose - largeSanta is riding the "Christmas Goose".
MR51-42052  Toy Maker Santa  - largeMR51-42052 Toy Maker Santa - largeSanta and his Elves are busy making Christmas toys. 
MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"This Father Christmas is the final touch to all your decorating. 
MR51-53016 Festivities Santa  24"MR51-53016 Festivities Santa 24"A fun Santa to collect. 
MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"A great Santa for the Gingerbread lover.
MR51-53022  Holly Jolly Santa 24"MR51-53022 Holly Jolly Santa 24"A fun collectible Santa for your holidays. 
MR51-53024  Hollywood Santa  24"MR51-53024 Hollywood Santa 24"Christmas in Hollywood!  
MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"A great Santa to collect. 
MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"This Northpole Santa is a great decorating piece. 
MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"An exquisite winter Polar Santa! 
MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"This Santa & Elf are sure to become a heirloom piece. 
MR51-53038 Santa's Safari  24"MR51-53038 Santa's Safari 24"A Santa Claus doll with personality. 
MR51-53040 Santa & Snowman 18"The perfect Christmas couple.
MR51-53042 Santa's Stocking 18"MR51-53042 Santa's Stocking 18"Santa and his dog. 
MR51-53044 Sparkling Santa 24"MR51-53044 Sparkling Santa 24"A great collectible Santa Claus. 
MR51-53046 Sweet Nothng Santa 24"MR51-53046 Sweet Nothng Santa 24"A sweet Candy Cane Santa. 
MR51-53054 Wine Lovers Santa 24"MR51-53054 Wine Lovers Santa 24"Santa toasts the holiday festivities. 
MR51-53056 Mrs Santa Claus 24"MR51-53056 Mrs Santa Claus 24"The beautiful Mrs. Santa Claus!
MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa  26.6"MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa 26.6"NEW FOR 2016!  A beautiful "12 Days of Christmas Santa". 
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