Mark Roberts Fairies - large

These collectible heirloom Fairies will be cherised for generations.  Each limited edition Fairy with posable arms, legs and wings (various sizes and shapes) will complete your Christmas collection.  Mark Roberts Fairies with their distinct personalities will add special memories to the collector.
MR51-36654  Christmas Berry Fairy - largeMR51-36654 Christmas Berry Fairy - largeA great Christmas collectible fairy. 
MR51-36846  Gingerbread Spice Fairy - largeMR51-36846 Gingerbread Spice Fairy - largeThis Fairy is a great addition to your holiday kitchen. 
MR51-36848  Ornament Fairy - largeMR51-36848 Ornament Fairy - largeThis Fairy is ready to help with your holiday decorating.
MR51-42588  Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeMR51-42588 Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeEveryone will want to sing with this Fairy.
MR51-42590  Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeMR51-42590 Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeThe final touch to your Christmas decorating. 
MR51-42592  Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeMR51-42592 Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeA great collectible Fairy. 
MR51-42596  Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeMR51-42596 Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeThis Fairy is sure to become a family heirloom. 
MR51-42602  Heralding Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42602 Heralding Fairy - extra-largeThis Heralding Fairy is sure to become a collectors piece. 
MR51-42604  Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42604 Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeYou can almost hear those Sleighbells. 
MR51-42606  Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42606 Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeA "Merry Christmas" to everyone. 

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