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MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa 26.6"MR51-68320 12 Days of Xmas Santa  26.6"NEW FOR 2016!  A beautiful "12 Days of Christmas Santa". 
MR51-68322 All That Glitters Santa 27"MR51-68322 All That Glitters Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!   A spectacular Santa to add to your collection.  
MR51-68324 BEJeweled Santa 26"MR51-68324 BEJeweled Santa 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Complete your holiday decorating with this exquisite Jeweled Santa. 
MR51-68326 Candlelight Santa 27"MR51-68326 Candlelight Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect Christmas gift for that special person. 
MR51-68328 Candy Shop Santa 27"MR51-68328 Candy Shop Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!   The perfect Santa for your kitchen.  
MR51-68330 Canterbury Santa 25"MR51-68330 Canterbury Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!  A great Santa for the music lover. 
MR51-68332 Celebrating Santa 27"MR51-68332 Celebrating Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!    Add style to your holiday decorating with this Santa. 
MR51-68334 Exquisite Santa 25"MR51-68334 Exquisite Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect holiday Santa gift.  
MR51-68336 Festive Santa 27"MR51-68336 Festive Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  A fun Santa to add to your Mark Roberts collection. 
MR51-68338 Mrs Clause Cooking 24"MR51-68338 Mrs Clause Cooking 24"NEW FOR 2016!   Mrs Clause makes yummy Christmas treats. 
MR51-68342 Sparkllng Passion Santa 27"MR51-68342 Sparkllng Passion Santa 27"NEW FOR 2016!  A great Christmas Santa Clause doll.  
MR51-68344 North Pole Parade Santa 23"MR51-68344 North Pole Parade Santa 23"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect holiday Santa gift. 
MR51-68346 Christmas Carnival Santa 29"MR51-68346 Christmas Carnival Santa 29"NEW FOR 2016!   A fun Christmas Santa for the Carnival. 
MR51-68348 Poinsettia Santa 25"MR51-68348 Poinsettia Santa 25"NEW FOR 2016!   This is a beautiful Poinsettia Santa!  
MR51-68350 Santa Filling Stocking 26"MR51-68350 Santa Filling Stocking 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Everyone needs a Christmas stocking for Santa. 
MR51-68352 Honey Bell Santa 24"MR51-68352 Honey Bell Santa 24"NEW FOR 2016!  A great holiday Santa gift. 
MR51-68354 Santa on the Town 28"MR51-68354 Santa on the Town 28"NEW FOR 2016!  A collectible Christmas Santa Clause.  
MR51-68356 Santa I Want 25"MR51-68356 Santa I Want 25"NEW FOR 2016!  The perfect Santa for your holiday decorating. 
MR51-68358 Santa's Mail Box 25"MR51-68358 Santa's Mail Box 25"NEW FOR 2016!  You better get your letter to Santa mailed soon!  
MR51-68360 Snowman Santa 26"MR51-68360 Snowman Santa 26"NEW FOR 2016!  Santa and his special Snowman friend.  
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