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MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"MR51-53014 Father Christmas 18"This Father Christmas is the final touch to all your decorating. 
MR51-53016 Festivities Santa 24"MR51-53016 Festivities Santa  24"A fun Santa to collect. 
MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"MR51-53020 Gingerbread Santa 24"A great Santa for the Gingerbread lover.
MR51-53022 Holly Jolly Santa 24"MR51-53022  Holly Jolly Santa 24"A fun collectible Santa for your holidays. 
MR51-53024 Hollywood Santa 24"MR51-53024  Hollywood Santa  24"Christmas in Hollywood!  
MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"MR51-53026 Most Wonder Time Santa 24"A great Santa to collect. 
MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"MR51-53030 Northpole Santa 24"This Northpole Santa is a great decorating piece. 
MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"MR51-53032 Polar Santa 24"An exquisite winter Polar Santa! 
MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"MR51-53034 Santa & Elf Checking List 18"This Santa & Elf are sure to become a heirloom piece. 
MR51-53038 Santa's Safari 24"MR51-53038 Santa's Safari  24"A Santa Claus doll with personality. 
MR51-53040 Santa & Snowman 18"The perfect Christmas couple.
MR51-53042 Santa's Stocking 18"MR51-53042 Santa's Stocking 18"Santa and his dog. 
MR51-53044 Sparkling Santa 24"MR51-53044 Sparkling Santa 24"A great collectible Santa Claus. 
MR51-53046 Sweet Nothng Santa 24"MR51-53046 Sweet Nothng Santa 24"A sweet Candy Cane Santa. 
MR51-53054 Wine Lovers Santa 24"MR51-53054 Wine Lovers Santa 24"Santa toasts the holiday festivities. 
MR51-53056 Mrs Santa Claus 24"MR51-53056 Mrs Santa Claus 24"The beautiful Mrs. Santa Claus!

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