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MR51-41404 Bell Ringer Elf - largeMR51-41404  Bell Ringer Elf  - largeThis whimsical Elf will ring Christmas bells with a wink! 
MR51-41458 Sweet Nothings Elf - largeMR51-41458  Sweet  Nothings Elf -  largeA fun Elf to add merriment to the holidays.
MR51-42006 Santa's List - largeMR51-42006  Santa's List - largeSanta is checking his list. 
MR51-42008 Santa on Goose - largeMR51-42008  Santa on Goose - largeSanta is riding the "Christmas Goose".
MR51-42052 Toy Maker Santa - largeMR51-42052  Toy Maker Santa  - largeSanta and his Elves are busy making Christmas toys. 
MR51-42588 Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeMR51-42588  Dancing & Prancing Fairy - largeEveryone will want to sing with this Fairy.
MR51-42590 Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeMR51-42590  Hollyberry Dream Fairy - largeThe final touch to your Christmas decorating. 
MR51-42592 Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeMR51-42592  Peppermint Pleasures Fairy - largeA great collectible Fairy. 
MR51-42596 Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeMR51-42596  Prince of Christmas Fairy - largeThis Fairy is sure to become a family heirloom. 
MR51-42602 Heralding Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42602  Heralding Fairy - extra-largeThis Heralding Fairy is sure to become a collectors piece. 
MR51-42604 Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42604  Sleighbell and Holly Fairy - extra-largeYou can almost hear those Sleighbells. 
MR51-42606 Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeMR51-42606  Spirit of Christmas Fairy - extra-largeA "Merry Christmas" to everyone. 
MR51-42630 Royal Crown Nutcracker Pink Hat - largeMR51-42630  Royal Crown Nutcracker Pink Hat - largeThis Nutcracker is definitely a collectors piece. 
MR51-42634 Royal Nutcracker White Hat - largeMR51-42634  Royal Nutcracker White Hat - largeA beautiful Christmas Nutcracker. 
MR51-42642 White Cat - largeMR51-42642  White Cat - largeThis exquisite Christmas Cat is a great collectors piece.

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